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Reliable, Scalable and Convenient Charging For Your Customers, Tenants, Employees And Fleets

BWEV guides its clients through the most cost-effective transition to e-mobility solutions and delivers a superior customer experience through our U.S.-based implementation team. BWEV will provide a solutions-driven approach for our clients and supports all products with exceptional service. BWEV is a customer focused organization.

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36%Of U.S. Drivers Will Buy an EV for Their Next Car
Automakers are Investing $300BN in EVs & Batteries
$4/GAL National Gas Prices are at a Historic High

Drivers are motivated by the falling prices of EVs

50% of Drivers Want EV Charging Stations Where They Work, Sleep, Play and Shop

EV Chargers will be needed across the board regardless of the industry. As adoption of the EV Automobiles climbs at a rapid rate the infrastructure around usage will need to grow as well.

Trusted by the organizations for EVSE adoption

Why EV Chargers Benefit Commercial Buyers

Attract and retain tenants and customers

Generate new revenue

Brand enhancement and first mover advantages

Add employee benefits

Fleets reduce operating expenses

What Does the Customer Want and Need

An EV charging solution that:

  • is affordable, reliable and scalable
  • addresses the current and future needs of their EV drivers

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An Advisory and Service Organization to the EV Charging Community

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