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EV for Multifamily

EV charging is no longer just a convenience-based multifamily property amenity—it’s a necessity.

Our cost-effective EV charging solutions will help you:

  • Reduce startup costs through local and federal incentive and rebate
  • Gain a competitive edge by offering a modern, cutting edge amenity
  • Increase property value by attracting and retaining higher-quality tenants
  • Fulfill regulatory mandates

Is Your Property EV Ready?

According to a recent AAA survey, 20% of drivers plan to replace their current car with an electric vehicle (EV), which is why EV charging is becoming must-have infrastructure for high-density housing properties. In our new eBook, apartment owners and managers will discover how EV charging can differentiate their properties from competitors and attract desirable residents, 59% of whom say they’d pay more to live in a “green or sustainable community.”