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Apartments and Condos

Attract More Tenants To Your Properties with EV Charging Solutions

Whether you operate small duplexes or massive apartment complexes, keeping tenants satisfied is key to the success of any multifamily property. By introducing EV charging, you’ll be able to meet evolving tenant needs, enhance satisfaction, and drive tenant retention.

EV charging is no longer just a convenience-based multifamily property amenity—it’s a necessity. Blue Whale EV provides cost-effective solutions tailored to help property owners and managers enhance their properties, attract desirable residents, and stay ahead of regulatory mandates.

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EV for Multifamily

How Charging Stations Improve Property Value and Tenant Satisfaction

Our cost-effective EV charging solutions help you:

  • Reduce Costs – Access local and federal incentives and rebates to minimize initial investment.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge – Offer a modern, cutting-edge amenity that sets your property apart.
  • Increase Property Value – Attract and retain higher-quality tenants while enhancing the overall value of your property
  • Fulfill Regulatory Mandates – Stay compliant with evolving regulatory requirements and market demands.

5 Steps for Successful EV Charging Implementation

EV charging infrastructure can elevate your property and attract desirable residents, with 59% expressing willingness to pay more for residence in a “green or sustainable community.”

As your trusted advisor and service provider in the EV charging community, we prioritize simplicity to ensure your success. Accessing this new market is as straightforward as following these five steps.

  1. Evaluating Charging Needs and Setting a Budget – Determine the ideal percentage of parking spaces for EV charging, conduct load studies, and explore incentive programs to optimize your budget.
  2. Deciding on Amenity Versus Monetized Versus Hybrid – Balance tenant satisfaction and revenue generation by deciding on the charging model—amenity, monetized, or hybrid.
  3. Applying for Permits and Conducting Necessary Studies – Navigate the permitting process, conduct engineering studies, and secure approvals with our support.
  4. Selecting a Manufacturer and Installing Your Chargers – Choose from leading charger manufacturers and products, and rely on Blue Whale EV for seamless installation as your general contractor.
  5. Ensuring Uptime and Scaling in the Future – Benefit from ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and support to ensure optimal charger performance and scalability as your EV charging needs evolve.

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The Time Is Now To Get Your Property EV-Ready

According to a recent AAA survey, 20% of drivers plan to replace their current car with an electric vehicle (EV), emphasizing the increasing importance of EV charging infrastructure for high-density housing properties.

Not only does meeting that demand increase the value of your property, it allows you to stay ahead in the competitive housing market while attracting more tenants.

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