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Accelerate Your Dealership’s Success with EV Charging Solutions

As electric vehicle (EV) adoption surges, auto dealerships face complex challenges in navigating the transition to EV charging infrastructure. 

From different charging brands and company regulations to bureaucratic processes, the journey towards electrification can be daunting – but it doesn’t have to be.

Blue Whale EV offers tailored EV charging solutions designed to help dealerships attract potential and existing EV drivers, streamline operations, and create branded experiences. With our comprehensive approach, we handle everything from selecting and buying chargers to navigating regulations and rebates, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective implementation.

Partner with Blue Whale EV and seize the opportunity to lead the way in embracing electric mobility.

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EV at Dealerships

How EV Charging Will Help Your Dealership Evolve

Our EV charging solutions are designed to help your dealership attract customers and streamline operations, all while strengthening your brand and future-proofing your business.

Sell more vehicles:

By installing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, you can attract both potential and existing EV drivers to your dealership.

Optimize operations:

Streamline management of EV charging from showroom to service bay with a single back-end solution and lower your overall operating expenses.

Scale as your business grows:

Deploy a flexible EV charging infrastructure that will integrate with existing systems and allow you to add more chargers as your EV business evolves.

Create a branded experience:

Add your brand logo and on-screen dealership ads to charging stations and associate your brand with top-quality charging.

We Make It Easy To Electrify Your Auto Dealership

With our hassle-free EV charging solutions, your dealership will be backed by expert guidance and support every step of the way.

Get help finding state and federal grants, rebates and tax credits to cover the upfront cost of installing your EV charging infrastructure.

Work with us to design an EV charging implementation plan that best fits your site, vehicle flow and utility needs. Deploy your solution with the help of Blue Whale EV Certified Auto Partners specifically trained to execute dealer deployments.

Educate your auto sales team. Use Blue Whale EV to resources to build electrification expertise around both EVs and EV charging in order to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

Count on world-class service and support to meet your needs at every stage of your electrification journey.

The Brands That Rely On Blue Whale EV

Count yourself among the industry-leading brands who trust Blue Whale EV to deliver cutting-edge charging solutions and drive success in the EV charging market.

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5 Best Practices for Successful EV Charging Implementation For Auto Dealers

Auto dealers are a particular case when it comes to EV charging implementation as they must contend with varying regulations, incentives, parent company mandates, and more.

Blue Whale EV specializes in simplifying this process, allowing dealerships to focus on what matters most. Here are five best practices to ensure a successful EV charging implementation:

  1. Customize Your Plans for Each Location – Navigate brand-specific regulations, state incentives, and unique challenges to create a tailored plan for each dealership location.
  2. Work With An End-To-End Solution Provider – Choose a partner capable of managing the full scope of the project, from selecting and buying chargers to navigating regulations and rebates to installation and maintenance.
  3. Start Early – Begin the EV charging process promptly to meet OEM deadlines and maximize funding opportunities before budgets are exhausted.
  4. Embrace Long-Term Vision – Despite short-term challenges, recognize the immense opportunities presented by the growing EV market, positioning your dealership for long-term success.
  5. Stay Agile and Adapt – Remain flexible and adaptable to changes in regulations, technology advancements, and market demands.

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The Future of Automotive Retail Is Here Today

Electric vehicle sales are already seeing exponential growth, and auto dealers are uniquely positioned to lead the electric mobility movement by investing in EV charging infrastructure.

Ready to position your dealership as a pioneer in sustainable practices? Contact us now to schedule a consultation with our team of experts.