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Drive Sustainable Change with Blue Whale EV Charging Solutions for Government Facilities

As electric vehicle adoption becomes the new normal across the country, cities need to expand EV charging infrastructure. And they need to do so quickly.

In the shift towards sustainable transportation, government facilities can set the standard for environmental stewardship and innovation in communities throughout our country. 

Blue Whale EV stands ready to support this transition by providing tailored EV charging solutions that align with your agency’s sustainability goals. 

We are a small business registered as an entity with SAM and the SBA, maintaining significant expertise in various public sector contract requirements. Our experts ensure compliance with all contractual obligations necessary for deploying your EV Charging Solutions.

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EV at Government Facilities

Maximizing Your Impact with Blue Whale EV Charging Solutions


Establish your position as a green leader and improve your agency’s image by supporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction initiatives such as those laid out in the White House Executive Order #13693, “Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade,” which includes 10-year goals for increasing the number of electric vehicles (EVs) in government fleets as well as reducing GHG emissions.


As a government agency committed to sustainability, encourage your employees to be part of your initiatives by offering workplace EV charging and make it possible for them to transition to an electric vehicle.

Blue Whale EV workplace solutions are turnkey and hassle-free, enabling you to easily offer EV charging as a benefit to attract and retain top talent.


Blue Whale EV networked EV charging solutions allow you to track and measure sustainability metrics such as energy consumption and GHG emissions savings.

Our robust reporting and analytics help you track against your objectives and fulfill your reporting requirements.



Fleet electrification can offer the biggest contribution toward meeting your sustainability goals. 

The Blue Whale EV fleet solution caters to the specific needs of fleets, including integration with fuel cards and energy usage tracking, making the transition to EVs easy and efficient.

Five Key Considerations For EV Charging In The Public Sector

While EV charging implementation can seem complex at first glance, our role as an advisory and service organization is to help make this process easier. The following five steps are fundamental in considering how best to get EV charging going in your agency.

  1. Identify and gather relevant stakeholders – Identify and involve relevant stakeholders early in the EV charging process to mitigate downstream complications, ensuring a smooth implementation.
  2. Set your goals and determine your charging needs – Define your EV charging goals and budget to tailor infrastructure needs, whether it’s fleet electrification, workplace accessibility, or community-wide stations, guiding charger type, quantity, and placement decisions.
  3. Plan infrastructure and gather permits – Plan infrastructure requirements, including permits, engineer-stamped drawings, and potential traffic assessments, based on your charging objectives and infrastructure implications.
  4. Select a manufacturer – Choose an EV charging manufacturer aligned with your needs, considering factors like networked capabilities, charger types, and adherence to contracts like SourceWell for optimal taxpayer savings and efficiency.
  5. Install and ensure going maintenance – Install chargers with certified electricians and establish maintenance protocols to address potential uptime issues promptly, ensuring seamless operation and longevity of the charging infrastructure.

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Actions That Align With Your Agency’s Sustainability Goals

Federal Agencies

  • Compliance Assurance – Blue Whale EV ensures adherence to government contract requirements, guaranteeing the smooth implementation of EV charging solutions while meeting regulatory standards.
  • Strategic Green Initiatives – Support Executive Order #13693 directives by increasing the number of electric vehicles in your fleet and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing your agency’s environmental footprint.

State & Local Government Divisions

  • Community Engagement – Lead by example within your community, promoting sustainable practices and supporting local initiatives for a cleaner, greener future.
  • Public Service Innovation – Demonstrate progressive governance by investing in EV charging infrastructure, aligning with state and local sustainability mandates while driving economic and environmental benefits for your constituents.

Schools & Universities

  • Educational Opportunity – Showcase environmental leadership and provide learning opportunities by integrating EV charging infrastructure into campus facilities.
  • Campus Sustainability – Reinforce your commitment to sustainability by offering EV charging stations, and fostering a culture of eco-consciousness among students, faculty, and staff.

Departments Administration

  • Efficient Operations – Streamline administrative processes with Blue Whale EV’s turnkey solutions, ensuring seamless deployment and integration of EV charging infrastructure.
  • Cost-Effective Sustainability – Maximize budget allocations by leveraging available rebates and grants for EV charging installations, minimizing capital expenses while achieving sustainability objectives.

Why The Agencies Of Tomorrow Are Acting Now

The time to embrace electric mobility is now. With legislative mandates and growing public awareness, investing in EV charging infrastructure not only aligns with your agency’s sustainability goals but also positions you as a forward-thinking leader in environmental stewardship.

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