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Why Modern Office Buildings Are Choosing Best-In-Class EV Charging

With the rising number of EV-driving employees, more workplaces are investing in EV charging stations. Not only does this help to attract and retain top talent, but it also showcases a commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. 

Blue Whale EV is positioned to lead commercial and industrial real estate properties through the process of implementing EV charging solutions. We understand the nuances of workplace charging infrastructure and can tailor solutions to meet your business’s specific needs. 

From assessment and planning to implementation and ongoing support, we provide comprehensive guidance every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and successful embrace of EV charging.

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EV at Office Buildings

The Benefits Of Being An Industry Leader In Sustainability


Differentiate your workplace to top talent, show you’re committed to sustainability, and make your benefits package more appealing.



Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach your company-wide sustainability goals.


Provide convenient and reliable charging and easily scale across office locations.



Leverage pre-built reports to make sustainability reporting easy and demonstrate your environmental impact.

Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Projects Primed For EV Charging Success

As an advisory organization with expertise in adapting and scaling projects to suit industrial and commercial real estate needs, Blue Whale EV is well-equipped to guide you through the process. 

See below for examples of projects well-suited for EV charging implementation.

  1. Corporate Headquarters – Office buildings housing major corporations can include EV charging stations as part of their employee benefits package. These buildings often have high parking capacity, making them ideal for accommodating EV-driving employees.
  2. Business Parks – Business parks consisting of multiple office buildings can enhance their appeal to tenants and employees by providing EV charging infrastructure. This is an investment that can potentially lead to reduced vacancies and premium rents.
  3. Co-working Spaces – Shared office spaces catering to startups, freelancers, and small businesses can differentiate themselves by offering EV charging amenities. In a competitive industry, this feature can be a difference-maker that attracts entrepreneurs and professionals looking for modern workplaces.
  4. Mixed-Use Developments – Office buildings within mixed-use developments, which include retail, residential, and commercial components, can integrate EV charging infrastructure to serve the needs of tenants, visitors, and residents alike.
  5. Industrial Parks – Office buildings located within industrial parks can benefit from installing EV charging stations to support employees working in manufacturing, logistics, and other industrial sectors.

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Power Up Your Office Building with EV Charging Solutions

By integrating EV charging solutions into your commercial real estate projects, you not only support your workforce’s evolving needs but also showcase your commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility to clients, investors, and the broader community.

For an EV charging solution tailored specifically for your building, contact Blue Whale EV today to set up a consultation.