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Enhance Your Parking Facility with Comprehensive EV Charging Solutions

Where drivers park, you have an opportunity. From airports and train stations to city streets and parking garages, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are emerging as an essential amenity.

As the demand for EVs continues to rise, drivers expect convenient access to charging infrastructure in these high-traffic locations. Those businesses and institutions that meet this demand stand to benefit.

At Blue Whale EV, our expertise in EV charging implementation gives us the inside track on how best to take advantage of these opportunities. From navigating regulatory requirements to optimizing charging station placement, our approach ensures a seamless integration of EV charging infrastructure into your parking facility.

Partner with Blue Whale EV to transform your parking facility into a hub for electric mobility, attracting both short and long-term parkers while staying ahead of the evolving transportation landscape.

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EV at Parking Garage

How Your Parking Facility Benefits From EV Charging


Stand out from the competition by providing EV drivers with what they need while parking.


Integrate EV charging software into your existing systems for a simple charging experience.


Modify pricing for charging sessions to cover electricity costs and generate revenue.

3 Ways EV Charging Drives Revenue For Parking Spaces

Create a new revenue stream and attract EV drivers by transforming your parking facility into a multi-use parking and fueling space.

1. Diversify Revenue Streams

By incorporating EV charging stations, your parking facility can become more than just a place to park cars.

It becomes a multi-use space that attracts EV drivers, helping create a new revenue stream for your business.

2. Flexible Pricing

Adjust the charging price to align with your revenue goals and the expectations of your clients.

Whether you choose to offer competitive rates to attract more customers or implement premium pricing for additional services, the flexibility allows you to optimize revenue generation.

3. Convenient Billing Solutions

Simplify billing processes by offering a monthly subscription service to your clients. 

This option enables EV drivers a way to manage their charging costs while providing you with a consistent revenue stream.

Overcoming Challenges in EV Charging Implementation

Though parking facilities stand to gain quite a bit through offering convenient EV charging stations, implementation is not without its complications. 

As an advisory and service organization to the EV charging community, we’re here to simplify the process and provide guidance on common questions. 

To get you started, here are a few tips for some of our most common questions: 

  • How Many Chargers Should We Install? – Our rule of thumb is to aim for 5-10% of current parking spaces to accommodate EV charging needs.
  • What Charger Levels Should We Go For? – Choosing the kind of charger depends on several factors, including price and guest stay duration. Level 2 chargers take 3-4 hours, while Level 3 chargers charge in 30 minutes.
  • Can Charging Drive Business Growth? – Faster charging options can help drive revenue. Opt to monetize Level 3 chargers, while offering Level 2 chargers as an amenity.
  • What Do We Do About Electrical Grid Capacity Upgrades And Maintenance? – Working with an EV consultant who can handle both charger selection and grid upgrades, as well as long-term maintenance of the hardware, software, and connectivity of your charging stations.

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Power Up Your Parking Facility with EV Charging Solutions

Take the next step in transforming your parking facility into a modern, multi-use space that attracts more customers and drives revenue. 

For an EV charging solution tailored to your needs, contact Blue Whale EV today for your consultation.