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As Senior Production Manager, Matt brings more than 25 years of experience in project and production management. Matt’s obsession with detail and ability to manage numerous moving parts for the success of our projects is a key asset to ensuring greater client satisfaction.

Matt manages and or oversees all active Blue Whale EV installation projects.  Coordination of all the facets of the project timeline from start to finish.  Each project could include some level of engineering, permitting, site work, infrastructure, electrical, commissioning, site decoration and training.  Keys areas of focus are identifying potential bottlenecks to this process and providing alternatives and redundancies to make sure each project is delivered on time and on budget.

Past position, success and/or unique qualities: 

Matt has worked in the construction and utility energy audits for BG&E and Delmarva power companies.  He is a team player with extreme, systematic planning capabilities and helps BWEV customers become successful with their electrification plans. Matt is well-versed and passionate in the sustainability industry and is an enabler for our customers’ adoption of EVSE solutions.

Education:  BS Finance/Investments and Economics from Babson College.