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Our Approach

Our Methodology – The Blue Whale EV Way Forward

Blue Whale EV - Our Approach

Blue Whale EV guides its clients through a cost-effective transition to e-mobility solutions and delivers a superior customer experience through our US-based team of experts. Blue Whale EV has been designed to act as your “Turn-Key” provider. Blue Whale EV will provide a solutions-driven approach for our clients and will support all of our recommended solutions with our exceptional “Client First” service approach.

What to expect from our: consultants/planners/engineers/installers/technologist/ and trainers.

  1. Initial discovery interview followed by several meetings to discuss EV Charging station plans, goals, applications, timeframes and costs.
  2. Consultative site visit – Site surveys are completed to determine basic power requirements and availability. Preferred locations of the EV stations are documented including a general layout design and the number and type of chargers required. The distance of each charger location from the electrical service is measured to determine the voltage drop calculations and needed wire sizes.
  3. If the building/facility appears to be at capacity with availability in the panels. We would then schedule a load study. That load study along with pictures of the incoming electrical service would then be submitted to our engineering team to determine available power and potential load enhancement needs. Reviewed and stamped electrical drawings will be provided as required.
  4. Once the engineering team has completed the assessment, Blue Whale EV would then price out the electrical & construction portion of the installation.
  5. Blue Whale EV understands that our clients are looking for advice around state, local and Federal rebates and grant funding sources. Blue Whale EV consultants stay abreast of the latest changes and updates and can familiarize our clients with the various cost savings and/or funding opportunities, potentially saving them thousands in capital expenses.

Blue Whale EV would then submit a comprehensive proposal for a turnkey EV charging installation experience. Our consultants will thoroughly go through each line item in our response to ensure for complete clarity on the expectations.

Our Capabilities

Blue Whale EV is positioned to outperform competitors for the following reasons:

  1. A completely comprehensive and consultative approach toward developing EV Charging solutions. This includes design, feasibility, and assessment studies that our clients can review and that will ensure their success; while mitigating their financial exposure.
  2. A wide variety of EV Charging technologies in the Blue Whale EV portfolio and our close Partner relationships will provide a key competitive advantage. Blue Whale EV maintains relations with our partners at the highest levels of the organization while also having access to their engineering and development resources. EV Charging technologies are continuously changing and our clients can expect a knowledgeable partner and a seamless experience.
  3. A highly skilled and experienced electrical installation experience. Each and every installation regardless of its size will depend on the experience of an electrical partner engagement that can effectively ensure a successful installation and testing experience.
  4. Ongoing support with maintenance and updates will also be managed within the Blue Whale EV portfolio of partners and services. This ensures our clients experience little to no downtime and they can be confident in their EV charging solution.
  5. A Blue Whale EV financing plan that enables our clients to access rebates and grant resources while establishing a payment schedule moving forward.
  6. Blue Whale EV’s Leadership experience is a critical part of our success. The Leadership team has extensive sales, marketing, partner management, electrical, engineering, project management, permit process, customer satisfaction, and business operating experience. Blue Whale EV understands the success of our business is based on best-of-breed solutions, exceptional delivery and a “Client First” customer focus. Each of the principals in Blue Whale EV has deep knowledge on the how all these fundamental parts need to be managed and communicated.
  7. A proprietary multistep process will be developed by Blue Whale EV for each client. This process will outline our best practices from Sales to Delivery to Support. In addition to a clear and precise multi-step process, Blue Whale EV will provide our clients with a readiness assessment checklist. This Readiness Checklist will give both the client and Blue Whale EV the opportunity to review the critical decision points in the plan. The Readiness Checklist is intended to assure our clients are 100% comfortable with the approach, technology, engineering considerations, installation, construction milestones, timeline, turnover, software configurations, costs and overall operating expectations.

Our Partner Network

Blue Whale EV's partner network

Blue Whale EV has partnered with several EV Charging device and software companies to offer the most comprehensive EV Charging Solutions. In addition to our EV Charging Partners, Blue Whale EV partners with several of the top engineering firms in the country. Our extensive portfolio of partner solutions will ensure that we can uniquely design, scale and implement solutions that meet our clients’ specific requirements while remaining technology agnostic.

Additional Engineering & Electrical Services Include:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Utility Infrastructure