Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK, BLNKW), a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment, has sold or deployed over 66,000 chargers, many of which are networked EV charging stations, enabling EV drivers to easily charge at any of Blink’s charging locations worldwide. Blink’s principal line of products and services is its nationwide Blink EV charging networks (the “Blink Networks”) and Blink EV charging equipment, also known as electric vehicle supply equipment (“EVSE”), and other EV related services, and the products and services of recent acquisitions, including SemaConnect, EB Charging, Blue Corner and BlueLA.

Blink prides itself on bringing to market innovative, quality products that further our mission of slowing climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by transportation. Our principal line of products and services include EV charging equipment and our proprietary Blink Network.

The EV charging station products offer a full range of deployment configurations, including single and multiple cord pedestals, individual and paired wall-mount chargers, DC fast, and even single-family residential charging stations.