Xeal is the only smart electric vehicle charging solution that maintains a 100% uptime because it does not rely on a central internet connection. With Xeal’s patented apollo technology, Xeal is able to create a fully functioning smart charger (access control, payment processing, custom pricing, energy metering and more) without relying on a central network solution like cellular or wifi. This is incredibly important to ensure reliability and a simple installation as you won’t need to run any IT infrastructure for Xeal’s chargers. Xeal offers the most safe and secure approach to run a charging network. Backed by some of the largest names in real estate to date, Xeal is the perfect solution for multi-family housing, workplaces and public locations where repeat users and customers rely on charging stations to power their every day activity. Xeal’s software allows for end customer customization around energy pricing, reporting metrics and access across your organization. The driver experience is the most simple and best part of the product as drivers show up, tap their phone and start charging!